I can hear you saying to yourself " I've always wanted to do this, I love her work!!

"SO whats stopping you? You've got so many questions and ideas swirling in your head! Its important to understand who you are going to be working with and why we do what we do. So first things first.....

 We absolutely LOVE what we get to do in life! We're not some fly by night photography company who picked up a camera & makeup brush then ran an online deal hoping we could do this! Nor a nation wide company that books a cheap hotel session after session, back to back , woman after woman  for some holiday or event to make a quick buck. We are a genuine couple of ladies that do this everyday, on purpose with a purpose that happen to be gifted with mad skills! We know how important this to every woman. We're women who truly know all that's involved in offering a luxury boutique one on one experience. Our devotion is not only to make sure that when you leave our shoot that you felt like you were the only woman in the world, but to change your perception of how you see yourself as woman for the rest of your life! Seriously its that important! This is our passion, not only to transform you on the outside but reveal whats on the inside. 

Once we've established that, of course remembering this life altering moment in time with Beautiful heirloom products is number ONE. We use only the best creators that represent our work ethics and and offer products that display our works of art in the most excellent way. 

Every woman wants to feel beautiful, even more to actually have images even if just one, that she loves of herself! We get it, It's our chosen profession, we love it and all it represents. No detail is overlooked ; example we use only professional camera gear & editing tools,  professional highly skilled stylists and makeup products, not to mention incredible well thought out intentional locations, its all important to us. Absolutely the very best there is to offer each and every client who chooses us! 

 We are mothers as well as business women, passionate of our calling. We know God has given us a platform to honor Him and lift up our fellow sisters and girlfriends in this crazy world.  We'll help you reconnect with your womanhood. Trust us, we are moms who understand how easy it is to lose our identity in being a wife & mother, and totally forget what it means to just be a woman!  Wither your doing this as a wedding gift for your groom, or your love of many years. We are here to help you find that missing beautiful woman under all the hats you wear. Its time to  unwind and rediscover yourself in a way that will change the way you &  that special whomever .. see you forever!


AS OF 8/20/21  My services are for a limited class of women, after several years I have  decided to minimize my services to Married Women or Brides getting married ONLY.  Its a moral decision I have chosen to make as a Christian and a Boudoir Artist.  There are certain aspects to my business that I believe should be for married clients only .  Privacy and protection of each individual woman is my upmost concern. I believe this is just one of the many ways I can do my part in this industry to protect my clients & women in general from exploitation and abuse from others. This is not for the building of a portfolio or for a modeling career or for the sales of a calendar. It is strictly for the giving of a intimate and personal gift to a spouse and to celebrate the womans beauty in the intimacy of  marriage. 


LaFemme Babes ONE DAY AT A TIME ~ Empowering ordinary women to accomplish incredible things!

We are located Downtown St Louis Missouri 

Amber- Photographer/ Owner


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